Happy September!

I had a good time yesterday alternating my workday with acupuncture treatments and an impromptu in-person astrology reading. I think combining the two is working well.

Part of my desire to branch out is because insurance drove me a bit crazy this year. Just the idea that an insurance company could impact so much of my livelihood (literally not reimbursing for covered treatments after years of no issues) was just not right and it really came out of left field beginning at the end of last year. (And despite all that, I just got word that I am officially in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Add it to the list that includes Cigna and United Healthcare.)

And I realized that I have an unusual skill that I’ve studied and practiced for 31 years now and it might be useful to my community somehow.

The reading for this person was also about a similar branching out. In the reading the direction was very clear. The symbol was a person succeeding in two different worlds!

I also launched a new website and it includes all services and pricing and the option to book online.

Finally, I just got word that the astrology class I’ll be teaching on September 20 is now listed on the Friends of Astrology website: www.friendsofastrology.org This is for people with a basic grasp of astrology and chart reading.

Anyway, happy Virgo season! I hope I covered every detail.

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