Initial Consultation:


At this 90 minute Initial Acupuncture Consultation, our practitioner will begin with a consultation that covers your medical history and treatment goals and then conduct an assessment using TCM techniques including feeling the pulse, examining the tongue and asking other specific questions. You will then receive acupuncture treatment during this appointment. The session ends with a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific condition. If applicable you may receive herbal recommendations and referral for other specific services (therapeutic nutrition counseling, yoga, massage) that may benefit your health goals.

Follow up sessions:


Your follow-up sessions include a chance to check-in with me, and I will again assess pulse and tongue, and continue working on your health goal. It is your time to rest, restore and continue on the path to wellness. Based on this meeting, I may add or change any herbal formulas and/or supplements, introduce other treatments such as moxa, cupping and/or gua sha.

5 pack follow up visits - $450

10 pack follow up visits - $850

20 pack follow up visits - $1640

I am also an in-network insurance provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare.  I am out of network with Cigna. At this point, for Cigna, I can provide you with a superbill for reimbursement.

If you would like me to verify your insurance, please email a copy of the front and back of your insurance card and the front of your photo id to and I can let you know usually by the next business day if you have coverage.



Initial/full reading:


This in-depth reading is 90 minutes long and covers an introduction to the birth chart and life patterns, emotional expression and personality and the prominent Sabian Symbols in the chart. Also, we will take a look at how your chart has evolved throughout your life and take a look at current trends and what direction the planets and sign are guiding you to.

Follow up reading/one or two questions


A simple 30 minute reading designed for the current weather of the chart and for one to three pressing questions.  If you have trouble coming up with a question or three, the reading will help you find them!

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