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Did you know that traditional Chinese medicine can support women’s health? If you’re a woman, and you want to support your body and treat your reproductive system ailments holistically, reach out to Lisa Meyerson, L.Ac. at her practice in Evanston, Illinois, serving all of Cook and Lake County. Lisa specializes in holistic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine and methods for using it for women’s health. To get started, call or use the online booking tool today.

Women's Health Q & A

How can acupuncture improve women’s health?

Acupuncture offers women a sustainable, noninvasive, and nonchemical way to address a variety of women's health issues, supporting women during different periods of their lives. Examples include:


By encouraging circulation and releasing natural painkilling chemicals, acupuncture helps regulate your cycle and relieves PMS symptoms like cramps, headaches, and various aches and pains.

Menopause and perimenopause

Similarly, acupuncture, alone or with Chinese herbal therapy, can help relieve menopause and perimenopause symptoms, including hot flashes, anxiety, insomnia, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and heart palpitations.

Pregnancy and postpartum

During pregnancy, acupuncture can reduce morning sickness, lower back pain, and pelvic discomfort. After delivery, many women find that acupuncture lessens postpartum depression and strengthens their body as it heals and as the breasts produce milk.


Acupuncture can reduce wrinkles and fine lines and reduce facial puffiness associated with aging. It works because it stimulates the circulatory system and increases the blood flow to the face.

Acupuncture can also address issues that affect women more than men, such as:

Depression and anxiety

Acupuncture treatments can help depression, anxiety, and panic attacks by lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. Note that you should never stop taking your prescribed medications without consulting your physician first.


Acupuncture can reduce the pain of fibromyalgia by stimulating the release of “feel good” chemicals and painkilling chemicals in the brain.

Can Chinese herbal medicine treat my PMS or menopausal pain?

In short, yes. Chinese herbal medicine has offered pain relief to women for centuries. Chinese herb formulas address body patterns that cause pain and seek to help you regain balance in your body.

Not only can Chinese herbal therapy address PMS and menopausal symptoms, but it can also regulate your menstrual cycle and increase fertility.

Is holistic medicine right for my health?

If Western medicine isn’t working for you, if you want to try a more natural approach to your reproductive health, or you want to supplement your regular reproductive health care, holistic medicine might be right for you.

Holistic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine offer you so much, without taking from you or damaging your body. They address the root of your health issues, from yeast infections to breast diseases, by resolving the underlying imbalances that cause them. 

If you’re ready to apply the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to your female health concerns, contact Lisa today for a consultation. To schedule yours, call or use the online booking tool.