Autumn is the Gatekeeper

I’m at Pulling Down the Moon today working with patients going through fertility treatment. Sometimes the treatments create heightened emotional states. It’s tough especially during election season and the pandemic, and now damp, dark and colder weather conditions. Here is a gentle reminder that trying to argue with one’s own or another’s emotions is as futile as shaking one’s fist at the weather. Remember that this too shall pass. We can’t argue fall into summer, and

we can’t turn sadness into joy like flipping a switch. We are not robots. We only need to wait.

First Snow Action Shot
Credit: Lisa Meyerson

Remedies for strong emotions are deep breaths, a good cry, and/or a long walk. Acupuncture also takes the edge off the side effects of fertility meds. It can help with seasonal changes, moods, and aches and pains that come with these conditions.

Also, the shift into Autumn is what we consider a transitional season. The word Shao Yang means ‘half in and half out’. In Autumn, we are grieving the loss of summer and preparing for the dark cold of winter. Summer’s primary emotion is Joy and Autumn’s primary emotion is Grief. There is a beautiful poignancy and wistfulness of this season as we watch the leaves change and fall off the trees. If you are feeling sadness or grief right now, you are not alone. Maybe watch a tearjerker film and have a good cleansing cry.

(I recommend comedy for similar reasons. Let me know if you need any recommendations to laugh or to cry!)

The song Gatekeeper by Feist expresses beautifully the ambivalence with this particular seasonal shift and the melancholy that comes with. Be well, and be sad if need be. There is medicine in these changing emotions. Enjoy this beautiful song and lyrics here. Love, Me.

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